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Burlesque Hall of Fame

I am leaving tomorrow for the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. It is at the Orlean Hotel & Casino. May 31-June 3rd.

I will be performing Thursday night for the mover, shakers & innovators. I will be performing my Tribute to Marquis de Sade a routine I created to try to keep the audience when we where losing them to Live Nude Dancing & Lap dancing. I will also be teaching a class & particapating in Naked Girls Reading. They will be reading from my new book Cosmic Queen about my 20 years in Burlesque.

Bambithemermaid & Whitney Ward will be my escorts, They are the best they make sure I don’t run out of champagne & that I get to all the events & autograph signing etc.

It is a very busy weekend but I love it.

I am dedicating this number to the Neo-Burlesque performers in New York that did a fund raiser for me to attende. I love New York & all those kids.

Thanks everyone for you love & support.