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Suncoast Burlesque Festival Jan 17-20th 2013

I will be attending the Suncoast Burlesque Festival.

I will be teaching a class Saturday at 1:45. Burlesque on the wild side.

I am attening the V.I.P champagne party Saturday night.

I am on a panel Sunday.

Friday night I will be in Tampa at the El Goya at a book signing.

Vampira my new ride a Black Hearse

Look what followed me home.

This is my new ride a Black Hearse that I named Vampira, I name all my cars’ girls names.

Alabama Burlesque Festival Oct 5-7 Huntsville

Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011!/photo.php?fbid=340968222650833&set=a.339955106085478.80445.280927135321609&type=1&theater

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our honor and privilege to present next to you the Headliner of the 2012 Alabama Burlesque Festival–Alabama’s First Burlesque Festival (TM)!  We originally thought we could not get this legend to perform at our …festival, even though she hails from the Cotton State.  She is actually from Ida Claire’s hometown, well home area (it’s all kind of together), so when we all linked up at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, we knew that she had to be at our festival.  She is a legend of burlesque who was the first Burlesque Queen to introduce Agressive Art to Burlesque with her Tribute to Marquis De Sade.  She was know as the girl for yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and at the height of her career, she was the highly sought-after burlesque queen, who performed carefully choreographed routines under lights that were professionally handled. She posed for elite photographers, travelled with trunks of costumes and props, and once had a Japanese television crew follow her, reality TV-style, long before that genre ever became popular.  She is a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild and has acted in movie and television roles  alongside Burt Reynolds in “B.L. Stryker;” appeared in 13 episodes of “Miami Vice;” worked with rock star Iggy Pop; and appeared in “Porky’s II” and Alan Carr’s remake of “Where the Boys Are.” Please give a warm Southern welcome to our Alabama Belle, the Cosmic Queen of Burlesque, Camille 2000!

Epiphany by Torchy Taboo

Sweet Epiphany. I  just came to realize as I listened to a run-down of 100 of Rock ‘n Roll  riffs, that what I thought was failure was & is an amazing  experience & blessing. I always, always wanted & knew I’d  spend my life dancing. I went to college to do Art Museum work  instead…they’d convinced me I was too short and late to training to  ever be a “real” dancer and too ‘boyish’ to be an ‘Exotic dancer’. But I took to the strip-club stage to pay for my Art degree. Robert Plant,  Joan Jett, & David Bowie convinced me I could do it. The money  was more than I’d ever imagined, so I kept going even after college.  Then hookers took over the strip clubs and I switched gears to  Burlesque. I’ve enjoyed 30 years of being a dancer…a ‘career’ no  matter how you look at it. Yet there persisted that gnawing social  stigma. Having never lived the addictive or shallow materialistic  life-styles that many associate with ecdysiasts, I still have always  felt 2nd rate for being shut out of the world of ‘real’ dance arts. I’ve trained in many genres and taught myself to choreograph…traveled,  danced on stages I’d dreamed of as a kid, won accolades & finally  seen my dream of the ultimate creative redemption, a revival of  theatrical style adult entertainment/dance spread world-wide, even to  the mainstream…being at the forefront so much as to be honored with  the labels of “Icon” & “Legend” in my field. And yet I cry in front  of the TV when I see the ‘real’ dancers. Until today I felt I’d always  been and would be the ‘Velveteen Rabbit.’ Epiphany: as I listened to those 100 Rock riffs I realized I’d been naked on stage to at least 90% of them and made a living while expressing myself creatively. I loved  dancing to surf music, glam rock & metal…and naked showed my  defiance, my angst…my fucking existential turmoil!! Led Zeppelin was  not the sound-track of my consolation prize…it’s my sublime Raison  d’être! I AM A REAL GOD-DANGED RABBIT! No need to dance on broken  bloody toes to qualify. I’ve been lucky. Kasmir, Bad Reputation &  Tied to the Whippin’ Post, I danced to what stirred and inspired me…I  chose my own music & eventually set my own stage. Perhaps in another life I was a Nijinski leaping along to Debussy, but my Orchestra has  Electric Lights and I am no less a success in this life-time…I’m a  real rabbit…I’m a fucking Rock ‘n Roll stripper!! Dedicated to  Camille 2000, Jo Weldon and all the other Burlesque Icons & Legends  that rose through the clubs to the glamorous lights that flare off our crystals at Burlesque Hall of Fame & the like.

Burlesque Hall of Fame

I am leaving tomorrow for the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. It is at the Orlean Hotel & Casino. May 31-June 3rd.

I will be performing Thursday night for the mover, shakers & innovators. I will be performing my Tribute to Marquis de Sade a routine I created to try to keep the audience when we where losing them to Live Nude Dancing & Lap dancing. I will also be teaching a class & particapating in Naked Girls Reading. They will be reading from my new book Cosmic Queen about my 20 years in Burlesque.

Bambithemermaid & Whitney Ward will be my escorts, They are the best they make sure I don’t run out of champagne & that I get to all the events & autograph signing etc.

It is a very busy weekend but I love it.

I am dedicating this number to the Neo-Burlesque performers in New York that did a fund raiser for me to attende. I love New York & all those kids.

Thanks everyone for you love & support.