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Vampira my new ride a Black Hearse

Look what followed me home.

This is my new ride a Black Hearse that I named Vampira, I name all my cars’ girls names.

Alabama Burlesque Festival Oct 5-7 Huntsville

Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011!/photo.php?fbid=340968222650833&set=a.339955106085478.80445.280927135321609&type=1&theater

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our honor and privilege to present next to you the Headliner of the 2012 Alabama Burlesque Festival–Alabama’s First Burlesque Festival (TM)!  We originally thought we could not get this legend to perform at our …festival, even though she hails from the Cotton State.  She is actually from Ida Claire’s hometown, well home area (it’s all kind of together), so when we all linked up at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, we knew that she had to be at our festival.  She is a legend of burlesque who was the first Burlesque Queen to introduce Agressive Art to Burlesque with her Tribute to Marquis De Sade.  She was know as the girl for yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and at the height of her career, she was the highly sought-after burlesque queen, who performed carefully choreographed routines under lights that were professionally handled. She posed for elite photographers, travelled with trunks of costumes and props, and once had a Japanese television crew follow her, reality TV-style, long before that genre ever became popular.  She is a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild and has acted in movie and television roles  alongside Burt Reynolds in “B.L. Stryker;” appeared in 13 episodes of “Miami Vice;” worked with rock star Iggy Pop; and appeared in “Porky’s II” and Alan Carr’s remake of “Where the Boys Are.” Please give a warm Southern welcome to our Alabama Belle, the Cosmic Queen of Burlesque, Camille 2000!


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