Camille 2000 Brief Bio

Camille 2,000 was known as the Girl for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, The Cosmic Queen of Burlesque. She introduced Aggressive Art to Burlesque with her Tribute to Marquis de Sade. many said at the time that is wasn’t Burlesque that it was performance art, but it was Burlesque. Camille choreographed this act herself. At the time Burlesque was losing the audience to Live Nude Dance, & Lap Dance, so she was trying to keep the audience & this performance did draw customers.

In the beginning of her career, She did Fan dances & prop work choreographed by famous Burlesque Choreographer Paul Markoff. Work tight fitting gown’s & did the old style burlesque. Her original act was with a pair of ¬†stuff cockatoos. Travelled ¬†all over the world doing her lead lining show.

The last 10 years of her career she also choreographed the Black Widow a stunning act where she is a Black Widow spider & kills her self in the end. Very Strong show, like no on had done.

In the 1980’s Camille became a member of Screen’s Actor’s Guild getting a part playing opposite Iggy Pop, Playing a dominatrix name Velvet.

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