Acting Career

Thru Burlesque Camille became a member of Screen Actors Guild after getting a speaking part on Miami Vice.

While working at the Pussy Cat Theater , The film company that was shooting Porky’s 2, called the theater looking for a girl with big boobs.

Camille went to the audition. There was another burlesque dancer there auditioning for the party Sherry Champagne, But Camille got the part, It was the part of a special extra, that’s when you have a special part in a film but do not have any lines. In the film the counsel men are watching a Porn Movie.

Camille play’s the part of Marie Antoinette. A male Actor play Zorro walks on the scene & opens his cape. Camille drops to her knees like she is going to give him a B.J. They had to shoot it several time because the top heavy Marie Antoinette wig kep falling over & she bent down.

This was Camille’s introduction to the movie industry. She worked in several other movies before getting her S.A.G. card when working on Miami Vice.

She worked on Alan Carr Production of Where the Boys Are 84, A remake of the Connie Frances movie, Smoking & the Bandit 3, then one day the agent called & ask her to come read for the part of Velvet a domintrix playing opposite Iggy Pop who was playing Thumper, She got the part & worked many more time on Miami Vice. She played Doris Gumble on Mirror Image.

She also worked as Ms Seabreeze on the T.V. show “Moon over Miami” It was shorted lived. Camille also worked with Chuck Norrise on Invasion U.S.a.

Also worked with Burt Reynolds on B.L. Stryker. When moving from Miami up the treasure coast , she has put her acting career on hold but one day may continue. She is still a member of Screen Actor’s Guild.

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